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1 Simple Shift that will Make You Better in Biz

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Hey sober entrepreneur! I am so glad you found your way to this article because it is a good one. Today we are talking about the one simple shift that will change the game for your biz.

If you want more time freedom, the ability to rapidly expand your business with out burnout and reach a larger audience without spending a dime you will want to read this article to the end.

The Who Mindset is the most simple and effective mindset shift to get you going faster, further and with less burn out.

"What the heck is a Who Mindset?"

Glad you asked. A Who Mindset is focusing on who you can invest in, partner with, collaborate with or meet that can help support you in reaching your goals.

Most of us have grown up around people with a How Mindset. A How Mindset tells us that we have to do everything ourselves and that that other people are a cost to doing business.

Having a How Mindset can be extremely overwhelming. When we are focussed on figuring out "How" we end up in and endless rabbit hole of courses, articles and youtube videos that can teach us things we don't want to learn so that we can overcome the obstacles ahead of us. This is why most people quit before they even start.

You and me, we don't have to be "most people" We can choose something different... something revolutionary. We can choose "WHO".

The next time you come up against a challenge start asking the question "Who?" Who can support me in this? Who can I partner with? Who can I collaborate with? Who do I know that is good at this? Who can mentor me? Asking who is the game changer!

Here are some of the many benefits of a "Who Mindset"

  1. You start to see people as investments instead of costs

  2. Your network becomes larger

  3. Your business gets in front of new audiences

  4. You become comfortable asking for help

  5. You no longer see people as competition

  6. Burn out is a thing of the past

  7. You get to focus on what you love doing

  8. You can create and offer more because you are not doing it alone

Next time you find yourself wondering "How?" you're going to accomplish something, make the simple shift of asking "Who?" instead and notice how different that feels. What would be possible in your business if you focussed on who, not how?

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