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Before and After Website Facelift

One of the things I absolutely love doing is a website facelift. Just like a remodel on your home, a few changes can make a huge difference. Your brand is your business' wardrobe. It is the first thing new clients will see when they get connected with you. It is one of the best ways to start developing some know, like, and trust with your potential customers.

By the time a potential client has made their way to your website they have probably gotten to know you a bit through social media or have clicked on an ad that piqued their interest and there you are. Your site is your chance to let them know what you are all about and how you are the best person that can solve their problem. How they feel, when they open that page, will determine whether or not they are going to hit that "book" button or "add to cart". A well-designed, professional website can help put your client's minds at ease knowing their time and money are going to be valued and that they are safe in your hands.

Luckily making a professional website is easier than ever. Website hosting platforms like Squarespace and Wix allow you to choose a template, insert your info and hit publish.

YES, you can build your website and, although it can be easy, it is very time-consuming and it can be a bit of a learning curve to get started. If you do need extra support launching your site please feel free to reach out so our team can help get you launched.

Check out this website redesign done for Michelle from Recovery is the New Black!

Michelle was looking to update her brand with a new logo and a more neutral, professional feel while still being relatable. We updated her pallet, designed a new logo set, added new photos, and simplified the navigation for her site.

This was such a blast! To check out the full site check out

Want to get started putting together a scroll-stopping brand? Click here to get your FREE SOBER BIZ BABE BRANDING GUIDE!

More before and after shots of the Recovery is the New Black Website Facelift.

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