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The Sober Biz Babe Podcast has Launched!

The Cat is out of the bag! Sober Biz Babe the podcast has just soft launched with an intro episode that is going to get you excited for what is coming next. This is going to be the number one resource for people in sobriety who want to start or grow their business.

We will be talking about everything from graphic & web design to how to find balance between recovery, work and family.

Check out the intro episode right now! Right here!

My name is Brooke and I am so ridiculously excited that you are here and that this project is finally launching. It's been sitting on the back shelf for months and I'm having a hard time believing this is real and that this is actually happening.

In this episode, I'm going to share why I wanted to start the sober biz bay podcast, who this podcast will serve and what you can expect going forward. But first, let me introduce myself formally for those who have no clue who they are listing to. My name is Brooke Robichaud. I'm a graphic designer, business coach, author, and sober mama of 3.

I have no idea where this obsession came from, but I am absolutely obsessed with starting businesses. Like since I was six years old. In my twenties, I opened a thrift shop from idea to operational in 36 days and have had almost every kind of business from producer, wedding videographer, web designer, karaoke host, trivia host author podcaster event planner, the list goes on and on. I'm really, really great at starting businesses, but not so great at sticking to one thing, which is why I absolutely love what I do now. I help sober entrepreneurs create and launch their own businesses. So I get to be a part of the part I love the most, which is to help others create something new and bring it into reality.

And this is actually a great segue into why I wanted to start the sober biz, babe brand and podcast. I got sober in 2016 and at that time I was like done with life. I had hit a bottom. My life could have been on a Jerry Springer episode and fit right in. I just, I hated the way I was living and I couldn't figure out how to change so I went to a 12 step program. It absolutely changed the way I thought the way I felt, the way I acted towards people. I ended up getting healthy. I lost 80 pounds. I felt like a totally different person, I looked like a totally different person and I was finally this human being that I always been striving to be and wanting to give that to other people.

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